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Xtreme Gardening - Mykos

Xtreme Gardening - Mykos

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MYKOS is a fast-growing, beneficial fungus that increases nutrient and water absorption by forming a symbiotic relationship with a plant's roots. MYKOS is needed to break down, recycle and retain nutrients. MYKOS is also a front line of defense against environmental stress, pathogens and disease. MYKOS will continue to grow with your plants and become an extension of the roots, improving efficiency and durability. With a larger and healthier root system, plants have the opportunity to increase crop yield and secondary metabolites.

MYKOS works quickly and creates strong roots in 95% of common plants. MYKOS is a single species of Endo-mycorrhizal fungus, Rhizophagus intraradices, which eliminates any form of root competition. Why only Endo-mycorrhizae?
Ecto-mycorrhizae has no beneficial effect on vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.

MYKOS helps new plantings to reduce "transplant shock" by stimulating new root growth, forming hyphae that increase root mass allowing more nutrients and moisture to be absorbed. The fungal network can transport nutrients over great distances and deliver them directly into the root cell. Plants provide MYKOS with energy in the form of carbohydrates produced during photosynthesis. Individual plants can connect to other plants through this mycorrhizal network, sharing nutrients, sugars and water and attracting more soil microbes.

MYKOS protects your plants against drought and heat stress. It also stops harmful pathogens from making root contact. 

MYKOS works in all types of growing media and can be used in combination with synthetic and natural fertilizers.
Great for vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. 

How to use?
When repotting your plant, sprinkle the root zone with a good dose of granules so that a good layer is created around roots, also provide some granules in the hole where the plant will be in the new pot.

Don't forget to water after applying Mykos

How much should I use?

Cocos & Earth
  • 4 to 12L - 15 to 30 grams
  • 20 to 27L - 60 to 90 grams


  • Poke a few holes in the hole of the rockwool cube
  • Add 15 to 30 grams in the hole
  • Put the plant in and water

We recommend that you also use the Xtreme Gardening Azos to add. That way you get an even better environment for the roots, resulting in Xtreme results!

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