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Xtreme Gardening - Azos

Xtreme Gardening - Azos

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Nitrogen-fixing bacteria - Of all the nutrients that are transported to the plants through the soil, nitrogen is the most needed. It stimulates chlorophyll production in the leaves and keeps plants green and efficient. It is a fundamental component of amino acids and other compounds that ensure crop health and productivity. It is an important part of any protein molecule and soils are often deficient in this element. However, the atmosphere is about 80% nitrogen in a form (N2 or atmospheric nitrogen) not conventionally available to plants.

Azos functions primarily as a nitrogen converter from the atmosphere.

Plant Growth Promoter - The greater accessibility of nitrogen in the soil allows AZOS to catalyze a natural growth hormone in plants that promotes increased root growth and vegetative growth. AZOS is well suited for rooting cuttings, grafts and waterborne applications at various planting stages.

How to use?
When repotting your plant, sprinkle the root zone with a good dose of powder so that a good layer is created around roots, also provide a little powder in the hole where the plant will be in the new pot.

Do not forget to also water after applying Azos

Do you use azos when making cuttings?
  1. Take a bucket with 1 gallon (3.8L) of water, change the PH to 6.0 and add about 60g of Azos.
  2. Toss your plugs/growcubes into the bucket and let them soak for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Take a glass where you put about 30ml of water and 15g of Azos powder
  4. Immediately after cutting your cutting, dab in the glass, let it stand for 15 seconds and then insert into the plug/grow cube

How much to use?

Cocos & Earth
  • 4 to 12L - 15 grams
  • 20 to 27L - 30 grams


  • Poke a few holes in the hole of the rockwool cube
  • Add 15 grams in the hole
  • Put the plant in and water

For best results, we recommend using Xtreme Gardening Azos together with Xtreme Garderning Mykos

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