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Quick Disconnect Pipe System - Set

Quick Disconnect Pipe System - Set

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The FloraFlex® Quick Disconnect Pipe System is a manifold with eight outlets that supplies water and nutrients to your plants at the pressure you want. The FloraFlex distribution system takes seconds to assemble and / or disassemble.

Package Contents:

  • Flora Pipe Fitting 32mm Elbow or T.
  • Flora-Valve
  • Quick Disconnect set
  • Multi Flow Bubbler    


  • No glue, Teflon tape or threading required during assembly.    
  • Pulls apart in seconds.
  • Finish your PVC line with the Elbow Fitting on your latest Manifold / Quick Disconnect Pipe System.
  • Save up to 60% water, nutrients and time!
  • Immediate improvisation and control over feeding.
  • Prevents blockage. 
  • Minimal cleaning.
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