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PotPro - 8" (20cm) - 2 Gallon

PotPro - 8" (20cm) - 2 Gallon

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The PotPro™ Pot is strategically designed to allow air to flow through the top and bottom of the medium, as well as excellent drainage. It securely holds the FloraCap 8" so anyone can easily transition to the new PotPro™ system. The Pot's built-in poles and webbed bottom allow for seamless transplantation to a PotPro™ plate or other medium.

Place your PotPro™ 8″ Cube in the pot, hydrate with water, plant your plant, cover it with an 8” FloraCap® and you are ready to hand feed.

Proceed with automation by attaching (2) FloraClips 2.0 to your FloraCap® and use Flora Tube to connect your plant to your Quick Disconnect Pipe System Bubbler. Now let your PotPro™ system take care of your plants.

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