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Incubator Plugs - 40/40 (Per unit)

Incubator Plugs - 40/40 (Per unit)

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The Incubator ™ Plugs 40/40 are made with Coco Coir, Peat Moss and Bio Char. Our plugs are designed to retain moisture and aerate for ideal rooting and growth.

Use with the Incubator ™ System for optimal results. 

To use our Seed Incubator ™ Plugs:

  1. Place your seed in the hole at the top of your Incubator ™ Plug
  2. Keep your trays in a warm, dark place to optimize germination. Avoid temperatures of 90F / 32C or above to prevent dormancy.
  3. Plugs should stay moist but not soaked.
  4. Transplant as soon as the roots are visible.

To use our Incubator ™ Plugs for cuttings:

  1. Insert your cutting into the hole at the top of the Incubator ™ Plug. Avoid cutting too deep and allow for more root development.
  2. Spray your cuttings and place it under the Incubator ™ Dome or in a controlled environment. Provide a constant humidity with an optimal range between 70-75%
  3. We recommend planting all the cuttings and then feeding all the plugs for even saturation.
  4. Transplant as soon as the roots are visible.

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