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Grodan - Hugo Big Block - Delta - 15x15x15cm

Grodan - Hugo Big Block - Delta - 15x15x15cm

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The largest rockwool block. 6 x 6 x 6 inch (15x15x15cm) Grow Blocks with 1-1/2 inch hole for smaller blocks. Used for growing real big plants. These cubes work best with a drip system. With a flood system, the top half can dry out quickly and lead to salt build-up, so rinse often with water or Clearex. The blocks are individually wrapped in plastic on four sides to retain moisture and prevent algae growth.

The base of each block is grooved for drainage.

Well suited to Flood/Drain and Drip systems, the "Hugo" blocks have pre-cut holes to facilitate transplanting plants started in rooting cubes/plugs.

Grodan 6" Rockwool Hugo Blocks have a 40mm pre-drilled hole and fit SBS blocks, Root Riots and Jiffy Peat Pellets. - Grodan's answer to a pot. - Ideal for flooding and drainage, drip irrigation or use them just for passive cultivation.
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