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FloraFlex - Root Drip - 1 Gallon (3,78L)

FloraFlex - Root Drip - 1 Gallon (3,78L)

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Root Drip is a root, irrigation and Mildew cleanser. Derived from salt and a patented electrochemical treatment process. Root Drip is a plant-safe chemical with powerful oxidizing properties that help improve the availability of both nutrients and oxygen, creating a clean root zone free of unwanted organic and mineral deposits.

Most important features
  • Double strength
  • Non-toxic
  • Neutral pH
  • Use as a rinse
  • Prevents accumulation of minerals
  • Increase Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Root zone EC optimizer
  • Irrigation system descaler
  • Mildew cleaner

How to use:

Maintenance of irrigation systems:
For best results, add 1ml to every 4L of water for regular maintenance. Irrigation systems that are regularly maintained with Root Drip will last longer and work more optimally. Root Drip helps break down scale, mineral deposits and other organic matter that has been in the system.

Serious circumstances:
Increase the dose to 2-5 ml per 4L of water for severe conditions in the reservoir and growing media.

Leaf Applications:
Mix 190 mL of Root Drip per 4L of water and spray evenly. Test on a small area first to make sure there is no damage.

Surface cleaning:
Spraying growing surfaces, work areas and irrigation equipment with a dilute solution of Root Drip (190mL per 4L) helps maintain a clean and trouble-free environment without toxic and hazardous chemicals. Maintain operational quality and extend the life of equipment, such as irrigation system filters, by regularly flowing treated water through the system.

Dip fresh cuttings in a solution of Root Drip (10 mL per 4L) to improve cell health and boost immunity. Seedlings and cuttings treated with Root Drip have a more vigorous growth. Roots of plants treated with Root Drip will be bright white with more root hairs.

Media/System Coil Mix:
Use Root Drip at a ratio of 2-5ml per 4L of water during the final flushing phase or any phase of vegetative or flowering growth to help reduce mineral build-up in the growing medium or irrigation system.

RDWC and other recirculating hydroponic systems:
Any deep water culture (DWC) or recirculating irrigation system should use Root Drip to remove mineral residues and reduce limescale. Irrigation water treated with Root Drip has a reduced risk of developing problems often associated with overwatering and insufficient oxygen levels, such as biofilm build-up and/or anaerobic microbial growth.
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