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FloraCap Single Use 6 "(15x15cm)

FloraCap Single Use 6 "(15x15cm)

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The FloraFlex® FloraCap® is a revolutionary top nutrition tool that also helps eliminate algae. If you take good care of it, you can use this tool several times.

Place the single use FloraCap® on top of your 6 '' rock wool cubes to maximize your space in the vegetative cycle. Fill the FloraCap® with water and nutrients by hand or automate with built-in holes for hoses.

Each FloraCap® has strategically designed slots that deliver water and nutrients to the medium and block light while directing air, water and nutrients to your plant.

The FloraCap® covers the top of the medium allowing root zones to dry at a more consistent rate and delivering the necessary oxygen your plants need to thrive. Algae disappear, healthy roots fill the medium and blossoms multiply.


  • Compatible with all 6 ”(15x15cm) stone wool blocks
  • Automate your water by inserting Flora Tube (1/4 ”OD) into the holes in the center
  • Strategically designed slots on both the top and bottom folds
  • Clean carefully before reuse
  • Recyclable
  • Stackable
  • BPA and lead-free plastic


  • Eliminate algae
  • Save up to 60% of your water, nutrients and time!
  • Automated manual feed
  • Directs all water and nutrients to your plant
  • No more cumbersome counts, just fill the cap
  • Flexible design. Easily take the tools on and off the plant
  • Block light. Carrots use all of the medium
  • Let medium dry evenly
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