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FloraCap Round (19-30cm)

FloraCap Round (19-30cm)

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The FloraFlex® 7.5 ″ -12 ″ (19 to 30cm) Universal Round FloraCap® is a revolutionary patent pending top nutritional aid that also helps eliminate algae.

The FloraCap® is designed to give you a more consistent flow, even distribution, increased airflow and stabilization. Fill the cap by hand with water and nutrients or automate with Floran Clips.

The FloraCap® strategically covers the top of the media allowing root zones to dry at a more consistent rate and delivering the necessary oxygen your plants need to thrive. Algae disappear, healthy roots fill the medium and fruits multiply.


  • Suitable for pots with a diameter of 7.5 ″ -12 ″ (19 to 30cm)
  • Use Flora Clips and Flora Tube (1/4 ”OD) to automate your watering
  • Made from BPA and lead-free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe, stackable and reusable.


  • Eliminate algae
  • Save up to 60% of your water, nutrients and time!
  • Automated manual feed
  • No more cumbersome counts, just fill the cap
  • Flexible design. Easily take the tools on and off the plant
  • Block light. Carrots use all of the medium.
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