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Flora Pipe Fitting - T (32mm)

Flora Pipe Fitting - T (32mm)

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With the FloraFlex® Pipe Fitting T (32mm) you can connect multiple distributors to your PVC line. Glue your PVC to the Flora Pipe fitting and then simply click the fitting into the Flora Valve.


  • Compatible with normal 32mm PVC pipe
  • Attaches to Flora Valve with click function (no glue required).
  • O-ring included.
  • Available in 32mm
  • The O-ring should be lubricated (if not already lubricated) for easy installation and to prevent leakage.
  • 120 psi
  • PVC


  • T connects multiple Manifolds / Quick Disconnect Pipe Systems to your PVC line.
  • Save up to 60% water, nutrients and time!
  • Immediate improvisation and control over feeding.
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