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Flora Pipe Fitting - Elbow (32mm)

Flora Pipe Fitting - Elbow (32mm)

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With the FloraFlex® Pipe Fitting Elbow (32mm) you can connect multiple dividers to your PVC line. Glue your PVC to the Flora Pipe fitting and then simply click the fitting into the Flora Valve.


  • Compatible with normal 32mm PVC pipe
  • Attaches to Flora Valve with click function (no glue required).
  • O-ring included.
  • Available in 32mm
  • The O-ring should be lubricated (if not already lubricated) for easy installation and to prevent leakage.
  • 120 psi
  • PVC


  • Save up to 60% water, nutrients and time!
  • Immediate improvisation and control over feeding.
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