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Airbleed Valve 2.0

Airbleed Valve 2.0

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The FloraFlex® Air Bleed Valve 2.0 (3/4 ”) should be installed at the highest point (above manifold) on each main line to prevent air bubbles. When the water starts to flow, air is forced out of the Air Bleed Valve 2.0. When water hits the valve, the valve closes and the water flows freely through the pipe.

This product gives you more control over the accuracy of your feeding sessions. ⠀

  • ¾ ”Male thread for tube
  • Recommended PSI 15-140
  • Min. Operating pressure 5 psi (opens when the pressure drops below 5 psi)
  • PVC

Pay attention!
The Air Bleed valve takes air out of your main line, however this will always cause a small amount of water to come out of the valve every time you start the system. This is necessary to completely bleed the system. So take this into account with the placement, that you can collect this little water.

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