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Current Culture - UC Roots

Current Culture - UC Roots

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Current Culture Solutions UC Roots is a powerful and advanced root stimulator specially formulated to promote plant root health and development. This nutrient solution is composed of high quality ingredients carefully selected to support and enhance root growth.

UC Roots is designed to be used in hydroponic and other growing systems where plants are grown. It contains a unique combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that promote root growth and help plants absorb nutrients. In addition, UC Roots also contains bacteria and enzymes that promote root health and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Whether you are a novice or experienced grower, Current Culture Solutions UC Roots offers everything you need to optimize the root growth of your plants. It ensures healthy and strong roots that support the plants in absorbing nutrients and stimulating growth. Choose UC Roots and give your plants the nutrition they deserve for the best results in your hydroponic system.

Usage :

Use UC Roots to prevent and remove mineral salt build-up in nutrient tanks, microdrip irrigations and recirculating systems.

UC Roots can be used in all mediums (Cocos, Rockwool, RDWC, DWC, Soil, DTW, etc...)

Dosage :

UC Roots contains a whopping 400ppm of active hypochlorous acid. If you need a more concentrated dosage, please contact us for our product "ClearLine"

Add UC Roots as FIRST to your nutrient supply!

DWC & RDWC systems :  0,25 - 1,85ml per Liter
Drain to Waste systemen : 0,8 - 1,35ml per Liter
During Flush : 1,3ml per Liter

When using a nutrient tank, we recommend adding UC Roots at a rate of 0.5 to 1.3ml per liter every 3-5 days if the temperature of your nutrient tank does not exceed 20°C, if temperatures higher than 25°C then we recommend adding UC Roots to your nutrient tank every 1-3 days in the same dosage.

When cloning crops, we recommend using UC Roots at a dose of 4ml/L at the start of the process.

Always look at your crop to see if you need to increase or decrease the dose. The above dosages are purely indicative & informative.

General information :

Always make sure to shake the bottle well before using it.
- Keep this bottle in a dry, cool and dark place for optimal shelf life.
- Do not pour the unused liquid back into the bottle.

Safety :

- In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water
- In case of swallowing, drink plenty of water

Look at here het SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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